We took our place at the 55th International Shoe Fashion Fair AYMOD!

55. Uluslararası Ayakkabı Moda Fuarı AYMOD da yerimizi aldık !

As JOHN RICHARDO , we continue to take our place in fairs. As you know, fairs are established to develop trade. At the fair, many brands set up their own stands and promote their products to the visitors. At the same time, communication between brands is provided at the fairs. AYMOD brings together many brands from around the world in the event it organizes on shoe fashion . As the JOHN RICHARDO family, we have the opportunity to introduce our brand to dozens of visitors from all over the world.

We Promote Our Brand Every Year at AYMOD!

AYMOD International Shoe Fashion Fair is held regularly every year. The fair is held between 30 September and 3 October. The place where the fair will be held will be CNR Expo Istanbul Fair Center. Istanbul opens its doors to thousands of tourists throughout the year. AYMOD International Shoe Fashion Fair is at the forefront of the events held in Istanbul. Visitors from different parts of the world come to the fair. At the same time, shoe brands from different countries come together thanks to AYMOD. AYMOD ensures the revival of trade in the sector with the shoe fair it organizes in Turkey.

As JOHN RICHARDO , we have years of experience. In line with this experience, we offer people shoes that we have designed specially for each season every year. As a brand, we continue our work without slowing down in order to reach the target audience directly. In addition, we participate in fairs to bring our brand to the fore. Dozens of different brands participate in this fair where shoe brands take place every year. We take our place at the fair with dozens of brands that have made their name known all over the world and are among the successful names of the industry. So, why is AYMOD important to us?

  • We have the opportunity to promote our brand around the world.
  • We can communicate and negotiate with different brands.
  • We have the opportunity to do better work in design.
  • We keep in touch with our customers and we continue to grow by taking their ideas into consideration.

Our company, John Richardo, is a men's shoe brand that has served in Turkey for many years. As a company, we are not limited to the service we provide in Turkey, and we continue to announce our work around the world. We continue to promote our fairs not only in Turkey but also around the world. We will be at the fair in Milan between 20-23 September 2020 for the 2020/2021 International Shoe Fair “THE MİCAM”. We have the opportunity to develop and renew the designs we make for each season, and we bring them together with you. As the leading shoe brand of the sector, we always manage to stay in touch with our target audience.

John Richardo in Fethiye!