Size Chart

6 39 26cm
7 40 27cm
8 41 27.5cm
9 42 28cm
10 43 29cm
11th 44 29.5cm
12 45 29.9cm
13 46 30.4cm

Not sure what shoe size is right for you?

The instructions below will help you make a choice.

  • Our men's shoe patterns are 1 size wider.
  • Our women's shoe molds are full mold.

Men's Size Selection: If you normally use size 41, you should choose size 40. For the product you like, you need to order 1 size smaller than the size you generally use.

Women's Size Selection: Our molds are full molds. You can order the size you generally use. For example, if you usually use 36 size, you should order 36 size again.

After the products reach you, you can follow the instructions below for replacement.

You can get support from our Customer Service line at 0 850 304 78 98 for your product change requests and other issues.

Thank you for your attention.